Local. Original. Organic. Purposeful. Welcome to this digital platform devoted to original, true, and in-depth storytelling about a wide variety and diversity of people, places, and events. Story is simply the telling of events, whether fictitious or true, through one’s own unique perspective. A well-told story evokes in us attention and emotion. If it is truly powerful, story informs our worldview and inspires action.

With passion and artistry, we at The Art of the Ordinary are storytellers who  produce images and weave words and ideas in a way that knits together a narrative of everyday life that definitively dignifies the commonplace and respects the sanctity of the ordinary. We are telling life’s stories and preserving the journey.

As for physical place, we are rooted in the historic town of Franklin, nestled in the rich cultural diversity of Middle Tennessee. Naturally, some of the stories we tell reflect that local flavor, but we believe that all good stories are essentially timeless in nature and connect with people from all walks of life and all places around the world.

“The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.”~ Muriel Rukerskil


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