Re-imaged Wine Barrel Serves Double Duty

ImageIt was love at first sight the instant I first saw this beautiful Lazy Susan at Williams Sonoma. Though I had never given it a moment’s thought beforehand, I instinctively knew this piece, this concept was exactly what was needed for a growing family and a shrinking kitchen. Its generous size makes it a great way to serve several hot dishes family-style at the same time, enabling diners to help themselves to the buffet without lingering in long lines.

Spinning it effortlessly on smooth-rolling steel ball bearings, I marveled at how very perfect it would be for presenting everything from appetizers to entrees, a natural, relaxed way to offer casual hospitality. These servers are crafted using recycled oak barrels sourced from wineries around the world so barrel markings along with natural variations in the wood make each piece unique.

It was gorgeous. But, it was also pricey ($150) and it was discovered in the season of gift-giving which is typically not a time to be making purchases for yourself. However, the continuous flow of friend and family gatherings inherent in that season is precisely the time that highlights the need for such usefulness. I made a mental note as I left the store to revisit that idea at a later time.

IMG_4466Imagine then my surprise and delight a few days later during a quick stop-in at Tuesday Morning when this Lazy Susan was spotted on a sale shelf, originally $150 marked down to $39. Also a re-imaged wine barrel on steel ball bearings, this server has a wonderfully rustic personality that works perfectly with the French Country style of my kitchen. To date, it fits perfectly on the counter between the stove and the dining table or on the table itself, has served delicious meals during multiple noisy and fun dinner gatherings, and has prompted much lively conversation. Such a great find, right here in Franklin.



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